The Islington Society has completed its revision of the Islington Register of Locally Listed Buildings and Locally Significant Shopfronts, which had become out of date. This process was begun in 2016 by a group of volunteers, coordinated by The Building Exploratory, and partly funded by Heritage England. Building Exploratory was closed by its trustees in 2019, before the relisting project was completed, so the Islington Society took on the task of finishing it.

This has been a substantial project. There are more than 1600 locally listed buildings and shopfronts and some of the original listings date back to the 1970s and 1980s. Buildings have been demolished and altered, though the great majority have been well cared for and are in good condition. Each has been surveyed and most of them photographed, though the pictorial record is not yet complete.

The Islington Society submitted its draft revision to Islington Council for review and adoption earlier this year. In the meanwhile the Society has taken the decision to make its review more widely available through its website. We also include the April 2010 published version of the original list, which allows comparison with the Society’s proposed revisions.

The main addition in the Islington Society document is a “Statement of Significance” for each building or group of buildings. These are the work of the project’s volunteers and its editor, and reflect their own views and research. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Council. Also, the spreadsheets offered here are only the most important sections of the project. Sources and references have not been included, nor have the names of the volunteers. The Society is grateful to them all for the work they have done and to Nicole Crockett and Katie Russell of The Building Exploratory for making it all possible.

Andrew Clayton
July 2021