The Islington Society is a membership organisation of people who live, work or have an interest in Islington. It is a registered charity with an elected committee of officers, drawn from the membership, who manage the society.

The Society has been chaired by Leslie Wood, Raymond Harris, Beatrix Lehmann, James Ogilvy-Webb, Marion Harvey, Harley Sherlock, Andrew Bosi, David Gibson and, currently Peter Kilborn. Its President is The Rt Hon. the Lord Smith of Finsbury.

Campaigns and Local Support

  • Supports conservation planning work to preserve the borough’s historic fabric and individual building of distinction.
  • Campaigns for a high standard of design in new buildings
  • Campaigns for better public transport and for priority for people on foot, bike and public transport
  • Building links between residents and councillors

Publications and Events

  • Organises a varied programme of events including local talks, walks and site visits
  • Produces publications that celebrate Islington’s architectural history and its social and cultural diversity
  • The Islington Society has published three books charting aspects of the social history of Islington in the twentieth century
  • Publishes neighbourhood walking trails to encourage exploration, awareness and pride of place.
  • Publishes a newsletter three times a year
  • Social events include an annual dinner, started by our founder member Harley Sherlock, and an annual pub crawl now held in memory of its founder, Bill Manley.

Local Representation

  • Sends representatives to advise the Council’s committees that deal with development, the environment and transport
  • Encourages best practice through awards for the best architecture in the borough in new or refurbished buildings
  • Is represented on the London Forum of Civic and Amenity Societies which takes up cross- borough issues of concern