Inmarsat building at 99 City Road to be redeveloped

Developer Endurance Land has begun early-stage consultations for 99 City Road, currently occupied by Inmarsat. It announced the purchase of the site in March this year but says the existing building has reached the end of its working life.

The developer intends to retain the steel core of the existing building but to completely reface it, with extra open space created at the front facing Old Street roundabout. Arcades on the street frontages are planned to create extra room for pedestrians and the ground floor will be an open public space. It is intended that the “footprint” should be smaller than the existing building but the total floor space will be doubled through a substantial tower. Designs are at an early stage but the initial intention is to face the building in terracotta.

Endurance Land expects to submit its planning application in early 2023. The building will become vacant in 2024.